Healthcare Organizations are best served by Self-Operated Food Service.  AHF national and local organizations drive excellence by developing members to create best practices, member advocacy, and leadership placements that advance the industry as a whole.

We are the North Texas Chapter of the Association for Healthcare Professionals.  Our Board is comprised of a group of long time professionals in the Food Service Healthcare industry.  We strive to be the voice for Self - Operated professionals in our area and to promote teamwork, learning, and self operation.   

Your Texas AHF Board is looking for members that are interested in standing for election to the board.  We will be holding elections in the near future and we are looking for people who are willing to serve!  

Our Board of Directors;

Thresa Cox - President and Chairman of the Board-

Children's Health Our Children's House

Bobbi Schneider-Treasurer-Texas Health Resources Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas

Theresa Nash-Secretary-Cook Children's Medical Center  of Fort Worth

Ed Brown - Education - USMD Hospital Arlington 

Diane Duncan-Industry Advisory Board Chairman-Butter Buds

Lauren Mashek-Industry Advisory Board Vice Chairman-Mission Restaurant Supply


Left to right:  Diane Duncan, Bobbie Schneider, Ed Brown, Theresa Nash, Thresa Cox, Lauren Mashek

Texas Association of Healthcare Foodservice-AHF